2010’s Retro & 2011’s Resolution

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so:

my 2010 in a chart

And here comes my 2011 resolution:


  1. close current outsourced iPhone project prior Chinese New Year (Feb 3rd)
  2. release Wash My Car 2.0 by end of Mar, with many ideas I sketched with paper&pencil but got no time coding
  3. release a half-done free app by end of May, which I’m sure will release interest from targeted community
  4. release another free app by end of July, which I personally will love to use
  5. release another free app just about end of 2011, which I missed the perfect timeline in end of 2010
  6. release an app just designed for iPad, i have 2 app ideas right now, but my mind will be wide open
  7. finish coaching at least 2 of my buddies (both just bought Mac Book Pro this X’Mas), enable them to take outsourced iOS projects
  8. have 2-3 outsourced iOS projects, in terms of work load, same as the currently ongoing one
  9. write more blogs, I know my blog looks almost dead


  1. nail down 176 migration visa to Aussie for me, my wife and new-born son
  2. make an appropriate landing plan to Melbourne, including timing, job-hunting in advance, household, car, etc
  3. become proficient in baby-caring, :-)

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